Refrigerant - R12

Refrigerant – R12

Product Description


Property and application:
As the most widely used in medium-low temperature refrigerant, it mainly is applied in the refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, automotive air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, the cold storage, the commercial refrigeration, refrigeration condensing units in refrigeration equipment and so on. Meanwhile Halon can also be used in aerosol propellant, physical foaming agent, distribution of medical application.
Property of chloride

B.P.,°C -27
Critical temperature,°C 115
Critical pressure,Mpa 4.7
Saturation vapor pressure (25°C) ,Mpa 0.7
Relative density, ( water=1) 1.12
Relative vapor density, (air=1) 2.79

Quality standard

Appearance Colorless, no turbid
Odor Odorless
Purity ≥99.50%
Water ≤0.001%
Acidity ≦0.0001%
Residue on evaporation ≦0.01%


Specification 30LB
Disposable can
Non-disposable can
Net weight(kg) 13.6 920 20000
Size(mm) 436×243×243

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