VH1524A1 BLDC 24V Miniature compressor

VH1524A1 BLDC 24V Miniature compressor

Product Description

BLDC 24V miniature compressor is used for mobile or

portable refrigeration applications

Model VH1524A1
Compressor type Closed rotary compressor motor
Use refrigerant R134A
Lubricating oil-oil amount(ml) POE 68 – 40ml
The total mass(including oil) 700g
Excluded volume 1.5cm³/rev
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Speed range 1800-6000rpm
Voltage DC 24V
Current Range Max 9.5A
Test conditions for air conditioning
3000rpm 3600rpm 4500rpm 5100rpm
Refrigerating capacity(W) 192 235 295 355
The input power(W) 65 78 95 115
COP(W/W) 2.95 3 3.1 3.1


Beverage Dispensers/Refrigerated, Milk Coolers/Dispensers
Cabinets/Refrigerated, Mini-Bars
Beverage Carts, Reach-In Freezers
Drawers/Refrigerated, Yogurt/Smoothie/Slush Machines
Ice Cream Cabinets/Dispensers, Wine Coolers
Ice Storage Bins/Chests, Beer Dispensers
Truck Sleeping Compartment A/C and Refrigerator/Freezer
Recreational Vehicle A/C and Refrigerator/Freezer
Countertop Appliances/Refrigerated, Cooled Display Cases
Commercial Refrigerators/Freezers, Refrigerated Buffet Units
Household Appliance, Overclocking of Personal computers
Medical Product Storage, Vaccine/Medical Transport
Portable Spot Coolers, Mini Air Conditioners
Solar-Powered A/C & Refrigerator, Marine Refrigerators

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