The strength of the heat pump compressor shows its strength in helping to upgrade the quality of the washing industry

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As a “one way solution” for HVACR, Vestar has a strong supplier of compressors.

Vestar’s supplier, as a world-renowned compressor research and development, manufacturing, and sales company, has been working for many years in the field of compressors for heat pumps, and its both market share and product technology are at the leading level in the industry. Nowadays, consumers’ demand for washer-dryers has been upgraded from basic washing and drying to precise clothing care. Coupled with the rise of the low-carbon wave and the accelerated pace of work, green appliances and the convenience of intelligent operation have become the primary considerations for consumers when purchasing washing and drying appliances. Consumer demand has prompted the heat pump industry to continuously upgrade its technology iterations. Haili keeps pace with changes in market demand and innovation in the downstream industry and continues to develop new products and technological innovations to promote the green and healthy development of the washer-dryer industry.

Our supplier is not only the first in the world to launch a rotor-type heat pump compressor, and after years of development and technical precipitation, the current heat pump compressor product models are perfect, covering the full range of 0.1HP-16HP capacity, refrigerant covers R134a, R410A, R513A, R450A, R290, R32, CO2, and many other options, can be applied to Heat pump water heaters, air source heaters, household heating, central heating, heat pump drying, centralized hot water, pool heat pumps and many other scenarios, which can meet the demand for hot water or drying above 85℃.

Supported by core technology, the heat pump dryer uses compressors to strengthen the internal structure of the pump body to achieve high-reliability quality assurance; strong design, research and development and manufacturing capabilities for a wide range of environmentally friendly refrigerants including R290, R134a, R450A, R1234ze, and other models are complete, covering a wide range of drying capacity, energy efficiency levels, and power supply type requirements, enabling Haili to fully meet customers’ diverse and This enable Haili to fully meet the diversified and customized product requirements and technical solutions of its customers.

As dryers, especially heat pump dryers, gradually gain consumer recognition, the market will become more popular, and product categories and differentiation will become more colorful. We will keep abreast of the changes in the downstream consumer demand for dryers, such as the demand for wall-mounted ultra-thin dryers for compressor installation and the demand for low-noise night drying, to further strengthen technological innovation and accelerate product iteration, and help the laundry industry move forward towards more efficient, green and high-quality development.

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