Compressor common failures and maintenance methods

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The compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner refrigeration system, because the compressor is different from the condenser, evaporator and other non-moving parts, in the system to work at high speed, but also an electromechanical integration of high-precision devices, so in actual use will often fail.

Failure phenomenon.

1, winding short circuit, break and winding touch shell grounding: this type of failure are caused by the motor part of the compressor, its fault phenomenon break for the power supply is normal, the compressor does not work; short circuit and touch shell when the power after the protector action, or burn fuse; to note is that if the winding turns between the slight short circuit, the compressor can still work, but the working current is very high, the compressor temperature is very high, after a short time, the the thermal protector will act. Winding short-circuit and winding touch the chassis grounding can generally be checked with a multimeter; winding short-circuit, especially minor short-circuit, because the resistance of the winding itself is very small, so it is not easy to determine, should be based on the measurement of current to determine.

2, compressor holding shaft, card cylinder: compressor if the loss of oil or impurities into often cause holding shaft or card cylinder, the failure phenomenon is, after power compressor does not run, the protector action.

3, compressor suction and exhaust valves are not closed: if the compressor suction and exhaust valves are damaged, even if the refrigerant is sufficient system can not establish high and low pressure or difficult to establish qualified high and low pressure, the system does not cool or poor refrigeration effect.

4, the vibration and noise of the compressor: this kind of problem often occurs in the maintenance work, generally does not have much impact on the refrigeration performance, but will make the user feel abnormal, caused by the cause is often the pipe and the case touch, the compressor of the fixed bolt is loose and shock absorption block off.

5, thermal protector damage: thermal protector is an accessory to the compressor, the fault is generally a break or action temperature point becomes small. Broken circuit will cause the compressor does not work; action temperature point becomes small will cause the compressor to work for a period of time on the shutdown and repeatedly so, the problem is often easy to confuse with a slight short circuit between the turns of the winding, the difference is that the thermal protector is damaged when the working current is normal, the winding short circuit when the current is large.

Maintenance methods.

Compressor motor part of the problem, the compressor suction and discharge valve is not closed and the thermal protector failure should be taken to replace the approach.

Compressor holding shaft, card cylinder failure can first try to repair, specific methods for the following.

(1) knocking method.

After turning on the compressor with a wooden hammer knocking the lower part of the compressor, so that the compressor internal card parts are subject to vibration and run up.

(2) capacitor start method.

You can use a capacitor with a larger electrical capacity than the original to access the circuit to start.

(3) High voltage starting method.

You can use the regulator to adjust the power supply voltage upwards and start.

(4) Pressure relief method.

Start the system after emptying all the refrigerant.

If none of the above methods work, the only option is to replace it.

When dealing with the vibration and noise of the compressor, check and separate the parts that touch each other; check and tighten the compressor foot bolt, pay attention to the compressor foot bolt is not completely screwed to the end, the design requirements must maintain a gap of about 1mm, the maintenance process will be the compressor foot bolt screwed to death and cause severe vibration of the compressor; to check whether the shock absorbing block off, sticky post is firm, also You can try to increase the shock absorbing block, the specific location with the try method, stick in where the effect is good.

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