Why is the compressor always overheat-protected?

Compressor overheats protection is to protect the compressor motor from being burned. When the motor temperature or the compressor’s own temperature exceeds a certain value, the compressor is protected by some built-in or external protection devices to disconnect the working power of the compressor. The size of the superheat of the absorbed refrigerant vapor is […]


TO DEAR CUSTOMERS Our company will close in the Chinese Spring Festival break from January 21th 2023 to January 27th 2023,and back to work on January 28th 2023. During the holidays,we only take orders and do not ship.We will resume normal order deliver work after January 27th. Because this vacation has been too important regarding the Chinese, was the annual greatest holiday, so […]

Compressor common failures and maintenance methods

The compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner refrigeration system, because the compressor is different from the condenser, evaporator and other non-moving parts, in the system to work at high speed, but also an electromechanical integration of high-precision devices, so in actual use will often fail. Failure phenomenon. 1, winding short circuit, […]

What is the principle of air conditioning heating?

Air conditioners heat and cool mainly by moving heat. When heating, heat is moved from outside to inside; when cooling, heat is moved from inside to outside. The energy efficiency ratio of an electric heating wire is only 1:1, i.e. 1 kilowatt of electricity is consumed to produce 1 kilowatt of heat energy. Air conditioners […]

Vestar invites you to participate in the 132nd online Canton Fair

Dear customers. The 132nd China Import and Export Fair (“Canton Fair”) will be held online on October 15th, vestar invites you to visit our booth for communication and cooperation. Vestar engaging in the home appliances market for more than 15 years. Vestar is always absorbed in the design and manufacture of high-quality products. The products […]

How to analyze the causes and solutions of compressor failures

Cause Analysis of Air Conditioning Compressor Failure 1.1 There is a problem with the installation process The air-conditioning system has a variety of components, all of which work together to ensure the normal operation of the air-conditioning system. Professional air conditioner manufacturers will carefully clean the Freon system pipes in the process of producing air […]

Issued A Price Increase Notice.

Nichicon, the world’s second-largest aluminum electrolytic capacitor factory, issued a price increase notice. Due to the continuous shortage of aluminum and electricity, the prices of upstream materials such as superimposed aluminum foil and chemical foil have repeatedly hit record highs, and logistics costs have risen sharply. The company will target all products at The original […]